Glue Eyes

Glue Eyes, Colletot, rue de la Mare

With : Lauren Coullard, Clément Davout, Antoine Duchenet, Marianne Dupain, Leo Fourdrinier, Nelly Glorian and Pauline Rima

Water is a powerful vehicle for imagination and found with the exhibition
„Glue Eyes“, a representation to its measure: sometimes intimate, often
feminine, water is also a sporting element in which the man mesures
himself. The exhibition focuses on the ritual of the bath and the water and
its depths as it is found in Gaston Bachelard, Water and Dreams.
Eyes“ thus proposes an unfinished sum of images conveyed by water, an
essential material whose characteristic is however to flee. The ritual of
the bath contains a whole mythology about maternity, child and family but
also the female body, sexuality, enjoyment and desire. The history of the
washing corresponds to different meanings according to civilizations,
religions, beliefs and habits, while the representations of bath scenes
have largely chanted the history of art. It is also loaded with many
symbols. The bath isn’t dedicated to the washing but represents a form of

The project will also discuss the treatment of the visible and the
authenticity of the gesture. Glue Eyes is a project space founded by the
artist Lauren Coullard which settles during a summer in a house for sale.
Temporary exhibition space with raw surfaces and undeveloped spaces, this
house is a field of experimentation for artistic practices outside white

The exhibition is a partnership with the école supérieure d’arts & médias de Caen/Cherbourg and Arnaud Deschin Galerie